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 I FEEL LIKE A LIFE UPDATE. Stay tuned for more details.

1. MY COMPUTER IS FIXED YAAAY NO MORE RANDOMLY RESTARTING YAAAY okay let's not jinx it. I bought a Registry Cleaning program because the Norton one sucks. Norton found like 5 issues. The cleaner found like 190. It was only $30 and I'll have it for a year, WHOO~

2. THIS IS RECENT that file I thought my computer ate was un-eaten. It turns out SAI can only open programs below 10,000 KB in size aaand that file had gotten up to 20,000 KB. Which is weird; it wasn't until it hit that mark that is stopped opening. SO I looked up online and learned why Vista is a pretty cool guy. It automatically saves all your files for how they appeared at a certain point in time every few days, and using ShadowExplorer, you can freely go back and find an older version of something and recover it.

I lost a lot of work on it (one whole character is no longer colored, sob) but I managed to save the most important part: THAT CAKE PRINT I DREW. That took hours and hours of meticulous drawing. No way I was going to let that vanish forever. @w@ I think I'll test later to see just how far ahead I can go to where I can actually open the file.

EDIT: HEY GUESS WHAT I managed to snag it back even later, so now the only information I lost was some shading on the hair and a hat, which had been rushed anyway so YAY~

3. I have the biggest test ever on Monday for Japanese Art History. I have to memorize like 150 pictures and captions. Pray for me, guys. ;A;

4. I turn 19 on Sunday! This age marks no milestone in your life. Seriously, it is the blandest age to turn! 18 is ADULTHOOD and 20 is NEVER A TEENAGER while 19 is like... you're still in your teens even though you're an adult. It's a lame age. But then, turning 20 is like YOUR LIKE IS 25% OVER and that's just like: D:

Only the cool people have Quarter-life crisis'. 

5. I might get to go to Japan this summer! It'd be at the end of summer for 21 days as part of an exploration seminar. The focus is Japanese are and Buddhism. We'd have to be doing a lot of hiking in the mountains, which would kind of kill me, but getting to stay in the temples as guests? That's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hell yes, I am taking it. I just hope I can get financial aid to cover it... not sure what I'd do otherwise aside from not go, haah...

6. I HAVE DECIDED. Life will be better for me if I just try and forget aaall about love and relationships until after I accomplish my dreams even if that is one of them shut up. I figure, as long as I meet someone before I'm 30, I'll be okay. After that, I'm becoming a cougar, gdit. And since I plan on adoption anyway, I'll just look into adopting an older kid so the number of years after I "miss my chance" gets subtracted by the age of the kid. THIS FORMULA CANNOT LOOOSE. Or I'll just get cats. Crazy cats ladyyyy ok no.

7. Six is afraid of this number.

8. Not much else going on. My life is all school and computer. Aaand then I have all my nerd-clubs on Fridays, pfft. I wish tomorrow was Friday... or Saturday, I want the weekend already. xD;


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