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Okay, tried to start this entry about 8 times before I gave up so I'm just keeping it super short.

I'm on hiatus because I really need a break from in-game rp. When I start feeling nauseous and uncomfortable whenever I sit down at my computer, I know I gotta step back a bit. I don't want to be one of those professional-role-players whose whole life revolves around one hobby. I don't mind being a professional-nerd, of course, but when I limit myself to one thing, I stop doing the things I really love doing and then I stop having fun. And I've always told myself I'd stop rping when I stopped having fun. That's my philosophy with hobbies like this. 
I'm still having fun, of course, but there's a point when "fun" turns into "work" and I get frustrated. It doesn't affect how active I am until RL starts getting involved (which it has been but I'm not going into that) but it does affect how much fun I'm having. 

I hope this break will give me a chance to devote some time to other things. I still have to clean my room out (even if I risk awakening the spider king by moving stuff around). I still want to cut my hair (even though I look terrible with short hair, but once I get the idea in my head, it doesn't leave until I do it). I still want to just go out and actually do things this summer. And I still have to get a job... though I'm still kind of ugh about that, since by the time I get one, I'll probably only be working for like a month. Hnn. 

Also my new icon is fabulous. 



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