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The Count
+He's ridiculous and I love him for it. SUCH A TROLL.
+Get to join the best YnM cast ever. B)
+I need a silly character in my roster, and he can be serious too!
-Messy canon is kind of messy. :| Writing his app is going to be tough.
-May not have much potential CR wise.
-As awesome as a fuller cast would be, a Muraki player might make things less fun due to impending angst buckets. D:

I guess I'm just afraid I'll only be playing him for the novelty of playing him, because he's just so ridiculous. I would like to explore the deeper side of him I know the manga has shown he has, but since most of that has to be assumed given how minor of a character he is, I'd be afraid of getting called out as OOC. 

On the other hand, I've been excited to play him in a game for awhile and I feel like, if I can get a better grasp of his voice, I could have a lot of fun with him. He'd be pretty ridiculous in Luceti, given he's a floating mask and gloves... when he's inside, of course. Since he can't make clothes invisible, so... yeah. :|b (Then again, the clothes he wears are pretty out there too. He's just awesome.)

Also, the whiplash of the characters I'll be playing will be ridiculous. ION, THE KIND AND GENTLE REPLICA. CHEYENNE, THE SOUL-EATING LINEFACE. AND THE COUNT, THE PERVERTED INVISIBLE MAN. They just get progressively weirder!

+SUCH a fun muse to play. ;A; I miss hiiim.
+Already have a decent app written up!
+I need a silly character in my roster.
-Another kid. :|
-I think the previous Aang was planning on coming back this cycle...? I'd hate to step on their toes. D:

I've only recently thought about bringing Aang back, because I really only played him for like... 3 weeks at the Elegante? Before school ate me? Yeeeah. Luceti is a much more light-hearted place for the kid, and I really do love playing him. He's so cheerful and his voice comes so easy! It makes me happy. ;w; Plus, unlike the Count and the two other people I play, he doesn't talk really formally. :|

But at the same time, I know the other Aang was talking about coming back when they had to drop. While I realize this is a silly reason, I know I would feel really sad if I was in that same situation. Plus, he's another kid-character. And even younger (physically) than Cheyenne and Ion! I know the series ignores that in favor of romance, but still... he's 12. And I kind of want at least one character to be capable of romance at some point, since it really is my favorite thing to play. D: (Not that I'm writing off Ion and Cheyenne in that regard, but both of them would need a ridiculous amount of CR to pull it off ICly.)

No One
+No extra stress and more free time!
+If I get accepted for studying abroad next year, I might have to drop them in the summer anyway.
-Since it's the only place I role play at, I want more variety of characters to play.
-And I really do need a silly character to play. 3:

Drop Someone
-No. :|
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