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 SO. I have a bajillion unrelated-to-everything sketches that I feel like spamming everyone with. MIGHTY IMAGES UNDER THE CUT I resized them to fit under 640x480 so it shouldn't be too horrible.

WELL I'm not sure what direction to go in. Let's save the best for last! Meaning, you get the crap I doodled in class first, and the stuff I slaved hours and hours over later. B)

Uhm. I was in Geology taking notes, and I recalled the spider situation in my room and decided to draw what happens. No seriously, it's just like this. That's even a very sloppy rendition of what my desk space really looks like!

Princess Teiko of Gaildasia, age 25. She's a wind elemen, and appears in Blaze! when she's only 10. :3c

Anise-mun at Luceti and I somehow... somehow pondered what Ion would look like if he went down a bad road and decided to go through a rebellious teen phase. It doesn't work out so well. |: Anise is not amused.


Cheyenne the Illusionist. A character I hope to app at Luceti once the apps are open and once I finish the godawful longest history every. Illusionists are "monsters" whose eyes will draw you in and force you to relive your work nightmare over and over again, allowing her to feed on your fear by drawing your soul out of your body. And all illusionists look like little girls.

More doodles of Cheyenne that will become icons! I got her hairstyle from like... 70s shoujo manga. I love it. The top corner one was traced to get the hand of it, and everything else so far has been freehanded. She wears the blindfold, by the way, because she doesn't trust herself to keep her eyes close don her own. She's actually a good guy and only feeds when she absolutely must, and she never takes enough to cause permanent harm. She'd probably feel more guilty if she had a soul and could process feelings of guilt. xD;

This moemoeblob-kun is Bobby~ He's a lightning eleman with a serious stress problem stemming from an abusive childhood. That's not an anatomy issue you see. His health issues are putting his ability to take care of himself in jeopardy and he goes long periods of time without eating. 3: He is a very sad panda.

Same character as above, with his big brother, Jack! Sadly, Jack was away during the time in Bobby's life when he would have needed his support, but when he's there, Jack is very caring of his little brother. Jack is also a very manly man queer kind of guy who likes other manly man queer kind of guys. B)

Colored from above! The moe of Bobby will eat your soul... and on an added note of interest, a lot of my Lightning elemen characters (these two included) are named for US presidents, because their city is meant to represent a typical American city. Jack and Bobby's family (they have a lot of siblings) is named for JFK's parents and siblings. Similarly, Ike is named for President Eisenhower. 

What. Jack is flirting with Quinn's dad, Cyrus. There are many reasons why this is wrong: 1. Jack is 18 and Cyrus is in his 80s because he's an elf and ages slower. 2. Jack is Ike's ex-boyfriend. Quinn is Ike's present boyfriend. Cyrus is Ike's boyfriend's father. Do you see why this is weird? 3. None of that matters because come on, look at that face. B)

Ew this one looks gross because it was drawn quick and it's old. I took the pose and title (Which translates to something like "May I be just a little selfish?") from a Natsume Yuujincho yaoi manga I bought at Sakura-con. The characters are Bobby again, and Xanth, Emu's character.


S-So much cute. This was made for Emu, and it's the Hawthorn Family Portrait. Top is Little Quinn, sitting on Cyrus' shoulders. Next to him is his wife Ariquis, and between them, their daughter Elanil.

This is the textless version of an advertisement for my webcomic... not sure why I didn't put the one that has the words. xD; If you click it, it'll link to my comic! 

I just finished this one last night. ;w; I haven't drawn these two in ages... although technically, it's just one person. Kari Nijihi is your typical shy, quiet, classroom-creeper who is secretly a lesbian otaku. This isn't Sailor Moon, dudes. B) She finds a pendant at a flea market and decides to take it home. When she tries it on, it gets stuck to her! Using it, she transforms into Hoshikyo, and gains the ability to jump through worlds, hoping to find out the secret of her pendant. Little does she realize just how strong her magic is, and monsters start coming from all over to take it from her. Only thing is, if it comes off, it'll take her life with it...! But. I have nothing of this written yet, so... I'm just teasing you guys. B)

WHAT. WHAT. AH. SBG had a ladder game where characters were paired off and my male Jigglypuff gijinka got Brock. Then this happened. Best censor ever.

Same this as before, this time with Heather from Fire Emblem and Little Mac from Punch-Out! Heather doesn't like men, so she's just gonna steal his wallet. Sob.

M-My masterpiece. This picture took I don't even know how long. There's a better view of it on deviantART so click it and go see it there! The characters belong to Emu again. This is Tovei and Cyrus, both much younger. Tovei is in love with Cyrus, but Cyrus is straight, so he'll never tell him how he feels. That doesn't stop him from being sad when Cyrus flirts with pretty women. 3: 

Seriously though, this picture... the background took about as long as all three of the characters combined. The bottles in the background are a photo manipulation, I traced the stools and the floorboards, but everything else was made and colored freehand. I even got the background to reflect on the shiny marble counters THAT IS DEDICATION.

Anyway I'm all done now. 8D

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