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OKAY MINI SAKURACON REPORT because I'm too tired to do a big write-up thing and I know I never will otherwise:

CON STUFF and then some health stuff )
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I am so unmotivated for school right now, it's ridiculous. I just want it to be over. Only two more weeks... I still have a week of classes, two novels to read, two essays to write, an oral interview, and two finals. OH AND THEN I'M MOVING OUT ON THE 16TH. LOVELY. LET'S MEME IT ALL AWAY~

10 Days Meme - 7 + 8 )

Man, I really want to sleep, but my roommate is snoring so loudly, it'd ridiculous. How do people not get woken up by their own snoring? :| I should work on tags. Or homework. Or something, rather than sit here doing nothing for hours and hours like I have been. Sigh. I can never function on days when I have work.

On the plus side, Serious Cat icon has returned! I love this icon.
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I AM INCAPABLE OF MEMEING ON TIME. So I'm just going to combine two days for this one. THEN I'LL BE CAUGHT UP. OR SOMETHING. Plus, less friend list spam. : D Everybody wins!


OH GOD IT IS 4 AM. ALMOST 5 AM. I need to stop doing this stay-up-until-the-sun-rises thing. I have an essay to finish tomorrow and all kinds of other fun stuff to do. I probably should have made a hiatus post before Thanksgiving because I have been so... not there when it comes to tags these past few days. Kind of a moot point now, but hey, I'll be back up to speed by Monday!

Maybe Tuesday.

Actually, make that Wednesday.

...er, Thursday might be better, really...

.../brb hiatus post.
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Hey, what good timing, I have this meme to do right after a friending meme! : D HI GUYS! Let's just pretend this was posted before midnight so it's still day two...

Meme: Day 2 )

THAT'S THE END aw man tomorrow is going to be cheesey. SORRY FOR SOME MUCH SPAM RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Assuming I actually manage to stick with this meme, this will end up being the most I've posted at any epriod of time... ever. TEN POSTS TEN DAYSSSS.

I still have an essay and a presentation due by Monday, and study abroad forms to finish. What is procrastination. :|

Oh, and working Black Friday at JCPenney is scary and I don't ever want to do that every every again. SO. MANY. CLOTHES...!!

And now I need to sleep before I pass out on the keyboard!


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