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So, I finished my presentation today! One thing out of the way, but I still have to, you know, present it tomorrow. I also like how my teacher waited until 10 pm tonight to send out the pre-made discussion questions after I spent all day wrecking my brain to think up my own. Turns out I only needed to use one. I thought up ten. FML. Oh, and then I'll be spending 9 hours working on an essay due at 9 pm tomorrow! I should be more worried about this. That's pretty last minute, even for me...

Then again, I did my term paper last year two days before the due date and got a 4.0. In fact, I did that with two term papers last year and scored really well on them! Clearly there is a pattern going on here... but at least this one isn't a term paper, amirite? Just a boring paper. Gdit William Faulkner. :|

Theeen I still have all my Study Abroad forms to turn in by December 1st, haaah, probably most nervous about that. Turning in the forms is the easy part: the hard part is coming up with the funds. I'm not too worried about getting the funds to pay for admission into the program in Japan. But there's also program fees to think about, and then money to actually live over there, and other possible expenses... I can start earning a lot of that over the summer, but all the money I can earn over the year has to go into textbooks for class. I wish I could avoid classes with expensive textbooks but working out a schedule like that is pretty hard sometimes. D: Next quarter they'll be costing me around $250, if not more. Sigh...

ANYWAY. My initial reason for posting was ANOTHER MEME:


And now I'll just go ahead and continue with tomorrow's 10 Days post since hey, it's past Midnight again!

Meme Under The Cut~ )

Hrnnnnggg... too much stress lately. Started this post out kinda happy too, what the hell. :| GUYS I NEED MORE CATS IN MY LIFE. I'MMA GO HUG MY CAT NOW. THAT'LL MAKE IT BETTER. I can't wait until like... I don't know. December 20. By then I should be home for winter break and I won't work for two weeks and I can relax, sob.

And now, suddenly, almost 3 am! I get up at 6 am. Need to stop doing this.


Aug. 17th, 2010 02:57 am
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Hey look, I finally posted another entry. )

Uhm. Kay, that's it. I should probably try and go to bed now. |:


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