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 I FEEL LIKE A LIFE UPDATE. Stay tuned for more details.

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Well, school has started and the first week is done with. I feel exactly how I felt last year: When's summer, again?

1. English is okay. I like the class, the teacher is nice, I have Liv... I don't like the jumping in on the essay assignment with barely an explanation. Suddenly, it's due monday. No requirements, just answer the essay questions... bwa?

2. Math, I love. Sad, eh? I have Jeniffer in that class, which is bitchin' since she's a year younger than me, and you wouldn't expect it. Jen is uber smart, so she's 2 years ahead. I'm one year ahead. Makes you wonder if classes should be harder? XD

3. Band is good. I like playing the flute. I don't like being told i need to get sheet music when there isn't any. I don't like being one of a million flutes, nor having no one I know really well in that class. The first game is tomorrow, and I bribed a bunch of non-band geeks/former band geeks to come with me. XD

4. I wanted so bad to get into journalism. What happened? I get two articles I have to write. That's fine... one is the Play casting... which is vague. What do I do? Just list off who got what? Talk about how teh catsing is now open? WILL it be open around the time the issue comes out? Bwa? More details, please. The other, I don't even know what it IS. What the hell is Cliff/Brdge Jumping? Is suicide becoming more popular nowadays? What the hell? And since when do newbies write the huge Feature Articles, huh? I deeply regret getting into this class now... -_- Interviews are something I'm not meant for, because I HATE interacting with people I don't know. I dunno, I'm just weird like that.

5. Nick is in the class, the only friend I have. That sentance makes me want to shoot myself. Nick + Only Friend = Hell. Satan is in the class as well, along with Kristian. Kristian, I can handle. he's not AS weird as he used to be. Satan... that's another story. Satan is Ashleigh Hartwell by the way.

6. I like this class. Some bad students in it... okay, tons of then. And barely anyone I know is there. I was in a lab group with Kim and two of her friends... I hardly spoke a word. I stayed after school today to finish a lab experiment and ended up being late for Michelle, Mac, and Holly, who had all gotten to the car early to beat the buses, too. Blarg...

Personally, if I hadn't made such a huge deal about wanting to be in journalism, I'd switch out to a gym class to get those credits out of the way. maybe even go back into art... oh well. Too late now, i suppose. Look out KL, your worst writer in the history of the world is now writing for the school paper.

Sorry, it's a magazine now, right? That's uber dumb.


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