Sep. 13th, 2010 01:32 am
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I'm considering changing my username.

Because I really hate this username. :|

But I don't know what I'd change it to.


Plus I have other accounts at other places with the same username and I am too lazy to go change everything.

Also, moneeey.

/yep that was the whole point of this entry here look at the cute icon I drew



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OKAY so I stole this from someone and it's taken me forever to fill out but it was AWESOME.

No one but Emu probably knows the character but LET'S DO THIS.


Everything you've ever wanted to know about Jack Johnson and more! )


THE END. I may do this for more characters if I get bored. It's fun. :3c
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THIS is going to be an odd mix of Blaze! and SBG character babbling, along with some fandom. Certain people are only gonna understand separate halves of this. : D

Pairing Meme Ahoy! )
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 YAY or not really. Quiz under cut.


IN OTHER NEWS. Uhm. Nothing. I lead an exciting life~
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So I have a new Lady Gaga obsession. :3 I MADE MY ICON MYSELF isn't it prettyyyy~? I bought her CDs with my Christmas money. It's basically been NONSTOP GAGA for the past day and a half. xD

I went to Emu's house and IT WAS AMAZING and we made dick jokes and had fun. : D~ Yay!  I also passed all my clases and got a 4.0 BITCHES in one of my classes. HELL YES 100%~ Next quarter I have Japanese, Art of Japan, and Writing Poetry. I'M EXCITED~! And for Christmas I didn't get my best gifts until after the holiday was over, when I got the CD and a new tablet~! 

Oh, and I got accepted at SBG but I'm too much of a derp to jump into the AIM chat and make friends fffff I went in at like... 4 am. No one was there. : D; BUT HEY IT'S A STEP FORWARD.Also, I read a bunch of the backlogs and fell in love with Olimar/Falcon but then read the log when they broke up and was like ;A; so now I gotta go draw some WEIRDEST FANART EVER  that will not make sense to anyone. xD

ANYWAY the end. Have a quiz!

Quiz Under the Cut! )


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