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SO. I have decided that my anime art is not animu enough to my liking. Don't know what this means? Neither do I. But I feel like there is always something missing in a lot of my pictures! So, I am starting my own little challenge that I have given a silly name and may not even follow through with but HEY. THIS IS AN ART DUMP.

FIRST, A DISCLAIMER: THESE ARE NOT ORIGINAL PIECES. All of the pictures here are the result of me looking at a picture on the computer and attempting to recreate it. I did not trace anything, but I know some people are still iffy about eye-tracing... SO. YEAH. Either way, this is my personal journal, so suck it. :|

The URLs for the original pictures are in the image, but if you're lazy, most of the art I'm using for this is by this artist.

Now enjoy some moe.

...and that's it! All five of these were drawn in about two hours and each one (save the last one) was drawn without pause or distraction, save for in between pieces. They were pretty fun! I'm hoping I can keep this up for a little while. I really want to get better, and this makes great practice for expressions!


IN OTHER NEWS. Epic plotness is going down over at Luceti. I haven't been able to tag around [livejournal.com profile] mmmfilletofsoul as much as I would like, but considering she's generally the easier of the two to write, I think this is a good chance for me to have [livejournal.com profile] soreplaceable out more. Plus, he's totally being the hero and saving Anise for once. :|b DELICIOUS DEVELOPMENT IS DELICIOUS.

OH and for, what ,the one person on my FList from Luceti (HI MARBLES) I am planning a gigantic art dump in the Fans community sometime in the near future. I am already piecing it together and it shall be GLORIOUS.

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So, since I started working, that's been my life. Working. I complained to my mom about it and she was all WELCOME TO THE WORKING WORLD~ Yeah, things are a little different for her. She drives to work and sits at a desk all day. I commute by bus and stand all day.

All. Day. As in, I'm not allowed to sit unless I'm on break. Not even for a second.

I'm not complaining that I have the job, but just because I have one while other people are looking for work doesn't mean I have to like it and can't complain. Cry me a river, my dad's been unemployed since 2008 and his unemployment checks run out soon. Trust me, I know what it's like for people who can't find jobs in this economy. |:

BUT ANYWAY it's not even the work that bugs me. It's the goddamn commute. It takes me 2 hours to get to South Center by bus. 2 hours to get there, 8 hours of work, 2 hours to get home (which involves waiting around the creepy Kent Station bus terminal until the Covington bus comes, since it only runs hourly)... that leaves me 12 hours of the day to myself. Then it takes me an hour to get ready in the morning and an hour to wind down for bed... that's 10 hours. I need 8 hours of sleep to function.

Do you see where I'm getting at here? 2 hours of free time on days when I work. So far, I've just been taking away from the sleeping part of my day. Doesn't help that I've had insomnia lately too; I'm exhausted and ready to sleep until I lay down. Then I'm alert and wide awake. 

I feel bad. I just started trying to RP again and there goes my free-time. I know I'll be okay at SBG because I still get at least two days off a week and no one should mind if I have to back-tag into forever (right...?) but waiting a week for a tag isn't really something I can get away with at the Elegante. I keep trying to work up the courage to make a drop post...

Aside from the paychecks, the one good thing about working is it makes the summer go by faster. I've started to really dislike summer these past few years and this year's summer has really cemented it; I can't stand not being in college. I miss my home. UW is my home. 3: I have more freedom, more free-time, and there's always food. I actually feel motivated while I'm there. My family's house is like a motivational black hole; good for relaxing, but good luck trying to get anything else done.

As of right now, I am in agony from a headache and a sore body from working, so I'm gonna end this here... yeah.
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There is a time when inspiration strikes and the urge to mate letters with meaning becomes unbearable.

Some people never know how to find inspiration, but I know. I know that inspiration hides well in the forests of life, and it takes a skilled woodsman to seek it out. Sadly, some search too fervently, desperate to hold that inspiration in their hands, and will use any means necessary to get it. Those who fight too hard will use flames and fire to smoke out their inspiration. This cut and burn method of writing is dangerous, and rarely the result is anything less than suicide. While the writer may in fact produce a piece of work, their inspiration will run amok after being treated so unkindly, and will cause a torrent of emotions and ideas that may overwhelm the fragile woodsman. No, the best way to properly seduce inspiration is to stalk it where it lives.

Inspiration enjoys frolicking in the meadows of relationships, swimming in the depths of nature, and sleeping in the dorms of experience. In places like this, a woodsman may feel out of bounds, but fear not. As a fellow woodsman, I too have felt the pangs of sorrow as my inspiration is seen only as a fleeting glimmer in the distant sun set. I too know the anger and frustration at seeing other woodsmen forced to throw their lives away for their arts, just to satisfy a hungry family with what meager inspiration they can catch. I too feel the need to feed that family, and fill their eyes with plates full of stories and illustrations. And I too have resorted to unspeakable methods of coerced inspiration.

That is why I stand before you today a changed person. No longer can I sit back and watch as those around me make the same mistakes, wasting their lives staring at that forest for inspiration to attack. No more! Inspiration must be not savagely ripped from its habitat. Woodsmen who hope to obtain their inspiration must go forth and live that inspiration. They too must frolic in the meadows of relationships with their fellow kin. They too must bathe their tired bodies in the pools of nature's gifts. They too must rest their weary eyes in the dorms of experience, so that they too may one day grasp in their hands that which they have sought and proudly return to the hungry family with enough nourishment that will pleasure their minds for generations to come.


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