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Sprites by MIK on あかぐみ!

The Nephry and Gelda ones were specifically editted by me since there weren't ones on the site. If any of you Abyss dudes wants the code for your profile or something, it's right here! Just swap the first image URL with the one for your character and change the journal link. And don't remove the credit or I'll feel bad. |D (If you can't read the Japanese characters on your computer, replace them with "Akagumi" for the name of the site.)

I also made some other custom ones like for Cheyenne  Kari  and Hoshikyo  ! I'm pretty much just using them for plurk, but they are tiny and adorable and I love them. The site also has pretty much every other Tales of Character in the same style if you click around (TOS > Icon > プチアイコン). 

Also. If anyone else wants a bitty chibi, ask me nicely and I might try to edit one for you.  Some characters will be harder to make than others and some might be too hard, but I'll still give it a shot!
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I'm sure someone else has probably done these before, but just in case, I went through a iconned these mock-up skit faces in case anyone wants to use them. 

If you're going to leave credit, credit the original Pixiv artist! All I did was crop and resize, after all. `w`

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So I was bored.

Like, really bored.

I have things I should be doing and things I could be doing but instead I chose to watch some Nico Nico Douga. Then I got more bored and decided to make icons of one of the videos. If you have a Nico Nico account, you should watch the video because it's ridiculous and funny. If you don't have an account... google how to make one and watch it. B)

Either way, have some delicious TOA icons! (If you can't tell from the icons and can't watch the video, it's a Kobini Parody.)

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