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Wow I haven't done one of these since like... January. HOW ABOUT SOMETHING um. Japan is still Japan. I go home in a little over a month now, but it doesn't really feel real. As homesick as I am, I know the few things I like about being here, I'm going to really miss. And I'll probably go through some weird reverse culture shock when I get back. Hopefully I haven't turned into so much of a recluse that I can't function in groups anymore when I get back, haah. Being around more than 3-4 people feels so stressful.

School stuff is okay. My classes are all really boring and I'm really starting to hate my Japanese class. Like, our last presentation, I was the only person who was able to read the whole thing without staring at my script reading word for word, or talking like I'm announcing for horse races or something like this one girl (seriously, she sounds like she's an auctioneer or something when she talks Japanese, it's so annoying to listen to) AND YET because my little paper that people were supposed to follow along to wasn't in the exact same format as everyone else, I got scolded in front of the class.

UHM I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING THE LANGUAGE HERE, WHO CARES IF I DIDN'T SEPARATE AND TITLE EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING...? The papers were bullshit anyway; every student had to print 22 copies, and some had more than one page! Those poor trees...

Outside of school... lol I don't do anything. I have to be really careful with money, since I'd like to have some left over after I get back for until school starts again. If I go anywhere, I spend money, so... :'D I think I'll just be a super tourist for the last week I'm here to make up for it, and go see everything one last time.

And on a little note healthwise... eh. I keep getting sick here, but I think that's more because of mental stress than actually being sick. This past week I've been having anxiety issues that make my heart feel funny and make it hard to breathe whenever I lay down, and that's been a lot of fun... I think I need to take a break from things for awhile, but I'm not sure where to take a break or how.

And of course, RP wise, which is like... most of my life these days. I am a very exciting person.

Honestly, I feel like I need to take a break from Luceti for a bit. Not the drop-kind of break, but like... big hiatus break. And maybe a drop for the character I've been struggling with (sob, Tanuma). The only thing holding him in place now is knowing that all my threads are going to be sad for awhile if I only stick with Ion; since I've been so horrible to him, he's pretty much just a ball of sad right now. And honestly, there's a part of me that kind of wants to hold off on working to make things better for him when I know next month will have some sad plots too.

Which I don't mind! But... I need a happy outlet when I'm over here in a bad mood all the time too. :'D

And that's why I'm finally taking the jump and doing this.

I've been wanting to get back into Smash for like... ever. I always waffled over it because of various reasons and things coming up...

But man, I've totally fallen in love with the game Ib. I loved Yume Nikki and .flow, but the one thing I always wanted to see was a storyline version of that kind of gameplay. Of just... creepy and unsettling things in a horror setting. And since I started playing not expecting to get SUDDENLY PARTY MEMBER, I think that made me love Garry even more. :'D And, aside from the fact that Ib as a canon wouldn't be appable in Luceti, I think I'd like him in a setting like Smash more. I'm kind of worried I might be stepping on someone's toes, but... I didn't see any other reserves or apps up, so I think it's okay... we'll see...

...anyway I should sleep now, gotta be up in 6 hours. /flies
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I don't get the inspiration to write and complete fan fiction very much, but when I do, it usually hits me all at once and then I HAVE TO ROLL WITH IT until it is complete. That happened tonight at like 2 am. And I wrote this and then CRIED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL because I depress myself. :|b

Since I don't feel like digging out my ancient FF.net account, I'll just leave this here. It has no title and it ends kind of abruptly, but I feel good about where I left it off. Just a drabble. |D


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In other news, I have no other news. School is lame and boring and I want it to end. The prospect of having to work at JCPenney again this summer has got me so stressed, I'm having nightmares about it. I'm finally feeling better today after being sick since the last day of Sakuracon.

I have very little motivation to do anything lately so I've just kind of been floating. I think I wasted a year's worth of motivation on finishing my Ion cosplay, ngl. The lack of motivation is also why I haven't really posted anything here in awhile.

I'M NOT DITCHING LJ FOR PLURK, I SWEAR. Plurk is just quicker when I feel those little bursts of motivation to do memes and stuff. LJ takes more motivation, which I don't have as much of right now, which is why this whole journal probably sounds very blaaaaaaah compared to how I usually am.

BUT YEAH PLURK. I like it. Got to know a bunch of people in Luceti I might have never talked to outside of tag subject lines otherwise, which is pretty awesome. Also makes a great time waster when I have no motivation to do things like... you know, right now. |D

FEEL FREE TO CREEPER STALK. I won't lock it unless stuff goes down or something, so you don't have to get an account to follow me. Although it'd kinda boring just standing on the sidelines reading conversations... xD;
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OKAY MINI SAKURACON REPORT because I'm too tired to do a big write-up thing and I know I never will otherwise:

CON STUFF and then some health stuff )
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Okay, so I spent a good 10 hours or so making this presentation and I gave it today and it went okay. It didn't really fill the time slot but people seemed to enjoy it and it was quirky enough. And I am so ridiculously proud of it that I kind of wanna share, so I'm gonna. :|b

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UNRELATED TO EVERYTHING BUT isn't this icon prettyyyyy~?

I think I'm doing good in school right now. I think. One of my classes, I won't really know until after the midterm. I'm doing pretty damn well in astronomy, even though I either skip or fall asleep in lectures every time. Japanese is going good too, but I should practice speaking more. I still stumble over my words way too much. I know I already do that enough when trying to speak English and that's my native language. :|;; In my Modern Japan class, I just have to keep up with the readings and I'll be fine. I also take some seriously bad ass notes in that class, ngl.

I finally have work this weekend! I haven't had worked in over a month. It's ridiculous. I'm going to go back and they'll be like "WHO ARE YOU AGAIN...?" At least I wasn't laid off after the holidays... and this means I get paid in two weeks! Although as nice as it is having this job, I already know I'll be looking for an alternative come the summer. I may have my bus pass while attending school, but in the summer I have to pay to ride every time, and they keep raising the cost... it'll be $5 to get to work and back everyday. Hopefully I can find something in Covington so I can just walk...

I still have to do taxes and file the FAFSA... and I still haven't heard back from the IPE office about studying abroad. Is it bad that a small part of me hopes I don't get it just so I don't have to go through the horrors of getting a student visa and applying for extra aid and scrambling to find money for food while I'm over there...? Why so expensive, Japaaaan... D:

But my daily life is boring. Let's move on to why I really posted this! So I heard there was this meme where you chose like 15 characters from different fandoms who were your favorite or something...

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And then I blinded everyone.

A day ahead of schedule, too! It only took like 8 hours, but such is life. :|b That's one less thing to stress over, though! Time to go make a Cheyenne post derp derp derp...

Now I just have my Japanese Oral Interview on Friday, Japanese Final on Saturday, bringing crap home for Winter Break on Sunday, packing everything I own on Monday, revising an English essay on Tuesday, Japanese History Final on Wednesday, and moving out of my dorm on Thursday.

...WOW. Surprisingly, the finals aren't stressing me out so much. I practically got a 4.0 on the last Japanese History final, and the Japanese language one is multiple choice. The essay revision is still up in the air, because I got too high of a grade on the first essay to find things to revise, SO I need to wait for second essay to come back (what kind of problem is this even, what the hell). Bringing crap home is going to be the biggest pain ever because I don't really have a suitcase up here, so... tempted to just wait on that until Dad comes up to help me move.

OH AND MOVING. That will be a joy. I'm hoping most of the roommates will be gone because it's towards the end of finals week. Oh, and that it isn't raining, but this is Seattle. That's like hoping Antarctica isn't too cold. On the plus side, if I don't want to unpack right away, but still want to unpack before school starts again, the dorm I'm moving to is the only one that doesn't close for Winter Break. B) SWEET.


10 Days - THE END OF A MEME )
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Not much to say today. Let's get right to it!

10 Days Meme - Day 9 )

BONUS: Let's do a different meme!

SHAMELESSLY STOLEN FROM [livejournal.com profile] missnoface !

Ask me about any one of my roleplay characters (presently in a game or otherwise), and I will pick one (or all, or two, or as many as I want) of the following to tell you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal headcanon.
(b) a reason they're amazing.
(c) five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) three people that I might ship that character with and why.
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I am so unmotivated for school right now, it's ridiculous. I just want it to be over. Only two more weeks... I still have a week of classes, two novels to read, two essays to write, an oral interview, and two finals. OH AND THEN I'M MOVING OUT ON THE 16TH. LOVELY. LET'S MEME IT ALL AWAY~

10 Days Meme - 7 + 8 )

Man, I really want to sleep, but my roommate is snoring so loudly, it'd ridiculous. How do people not get woken up by their own snoring? :| I should work on tags. Or homework. Or something, rather than sit here doing nothing for hours and hours like I have been. Sigh. I can never function on days when I have work.

On the plus side, Serious Cat icon has returned! I love this icon.
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HEY GUYS remember that emo journal yesterday?

FORGET IT. I AM NOW A HAPPY becaaause I turned in all the stuff I needed for studying abroad next year~!


Which also means about 50% of my stress is GONE. I still have to wait until January to hear about being accepted. Honestly, accepted or not, I'm happy to know I made the effort. I figure I'll be living in Japan at some point anyway, whether I get a permanent job as a translator there or just work a few years as an ALT and/or with the JET program. But if I am accepted, that would be awesome because FUCK YEAH FOREIGN COUNTRY.

Plus, the program costs aren't much more than the costs of attending UW right now. Since it's a direct exchange, tuition at the home university covers tuition there. And since I'm covered by financial aid, not much to worry about! (Unless my aid changes next year sob.) My main issue will probably be getting approved for a student visa and all that lovely stuff, BUT those are hurdles I'll meet as I get to them! And then a new journal tag was born. Right now, it's apply-for-a-billion-scholarships time!

Oh wait, I lied, right now it's MEME TIME. Also I wish I could list more than 5 people because I such a dork when it comes to gushing over how much I love everybodyyyy. IF YOU ARE ON MY F-LIST YOU ARE ON THIS LIST IN SPIRIT. Even if we just met! Because everyone is awesome. <3

10 Days Meme: Day 6 )

AND THEN because I love memes and this is like MEME WEEK:

Name a fandom and I'll fill this out for it! Uhm... I put some fandoms in my profile interests, if you don't know any of mine. :|b

▌ favorite character
▌ least favorite character
▌ prettiest character
▌ character I wanna marry
▌ favorite pairing
▌ favorite episode/scene
▌ unpopular opinion
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I AM INCAPABLE OF MEMEING ON TIME. So I'm just going to combine two days for this one. THEN I'LL BE CAUGHT UP. OR SOMETHING. Plus, less friend list spam. : D Everybody wins!


OH GOD IT IS 4 AM. ALMOST 5 AM. I need to stop doing this stay-up-until-the-sun-rises thing. I have an essay to finish tomorrow and all kinds of other fun stuff to do. I probably should have made a hiatus post before Thanksgiving because I have been so... not there when it comes to tags these past few days. Kind of a moot point now, but hey, I'll be back up to speed by Monday!

Maybe Tuesday.

Actually, make that Wednesday.

...er, Thursday might be better, really...

.../brb hiatus post.
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Everyone else... er, Happy Thursday. WANT SOME TURKEY?

Washington is all messed up guys, someone broke the weather. We got 5 inches of snow the past few days. FIVE INCHES. BEFORE THANKSGIVING. By contrast, last year it didn't even snow once. Definitely an El Niña this year. Still, I'm not complaining! They closed the campus Tuesday and Wednesday, so it's like break was even longer than usual! 

Man, this week has been crazy. I have to read half of a novel, do a presentation on the first few chapters of another novel, write an essay about, oh hey, another novel, and then finish all the paper work and forms for study abroad next year. @w@ And then I still have a few other readings for Japanese History and homework for Japanese class. I should probably hiatus from some things soon.

I'm not too worried about stuff though! Let's stay positive and have a meme!

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Taken from my Japanese History Class, from around 1000 CE:

"Kanemichi had a harsh nature. It was cruel of him to strip Kaneie of his office and rank with no justification at all- Kaneie, who was such a wonderful man that all his descendants are still enjoying boundless success today. The gods must have been furious! When Kaneie presented a long poem of distress to the reigning sovereign, Emperor En'yuu, the reply was "Rice boats," so his unhappiness was short-lived."

Rice boats.





That is all.
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Too lazy to make a huge entry.

Halloween sucked and I spent half of it on a bus. Got better once I was home though. I didn't wear a costume.

Officially came out to mom on Halloween. Wasn't a big deal. She'll probably tell my dad at some point. 

Gonna try and do Nanomango. I almost never stick through with this kind of stuff. The only one I ever finished was Haikuwrimo on deviantART. That was years ago.

I should be in bed but my suite mates are being noisy.

There's too much stuff to do, too much stuff I want to do, but not enough time to do it these days.

And now, some videos. ENJOY.


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People were complaining that they looked ugly.

So I used my powers of making everything I draw cute and this is what came out.

D'awwwwwww. The probability of a pink starter is low but I don't care. I bet it evolves into an elephant or something. IDK.

The end.
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three kisses.
✒ give me one of my characters and one of yours. REQUEST AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE~
✒ i will write draw three short snippets and/or ms paint doodles.
✒ each snippet will feature a sex scene kiss.

To make things easy, here's a short list!

✒ Mikapii (Jigglypuff)
✒ Tingle

✒ Fon Master Ion

✒ Ike Atalanta
✒ Lunia Atalanta
✒ Bobby Johnson

Have at it. B)


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