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Right now, my internet is slower than molasses so I can't load IM clients at all. I AM HERE BUT I AM NOT HERE sob. I have to mooch off wireless because my ethernet cable is too short to reach the computer jack from where my desk is. Sad day.

BUT FIRST so how's college going? Pretty awesomely, if I might say so. We packed everything the day before and covered it with this long-ass piece of plastic (I'm talking, long enough to cover the bed of semi-truck) and then covered that with a tarp in my dad's truck. We left at 6:45 the next day and after dropping off my mom's car at her work, we all headed up to the U. Unloading went by pretty smoothly; I was the first one in my room and the first one of my suitmates to get there. After getting eveyrthing off-loaded, mom and dad took me out to breakfast before dropping me off to stay~

My room is nice. Huge closet space, beautiful view of Lake Washington (if you lean a little), storage under the bed, a huuuge desk that connects with my roommates at a right angle around a corner (giving us the space of 3 desks) and three shelves build into the wall. I'm pretty sure we have the biggest room in the suite. Plus, our living area is bigger than the ones of our neighbors (we visited them and totally checked) and our balcony is much bigger than I expected! Also, one of my suitmates' dad bought them a "mini" fridge that was way too big; twice the size of mine! So, rather than stuff it in their room, they're leavng it out as a fridge for everyone to use; along with their microwave! Pretty nice, especially since my microwave's cord is too short to reach my power cord, sob.

Also, my suitmates! I am in love already. Mary, my roommate, is super nice (also a bit ditsy, but so far I have decided to find it endearing and funny) and Kaitlin and Jennifer (the ones next to us) are tons of fun. We spent the whole day together hanging out and chatting! Two other girls moved in this morning, but left right after and never came back. They were kind of stand-offish... I'm thinking they might have just been shy? The last two girls are coming up from California and are supposed to move in tomorrow. I hope we all get along just as well as we have been!

Also, all my neighbors so far are awesome. Also, so far it seems like we're the only girls who've moved in. The guys across the hall were pretty funny; we went and hung out with them for awhile, then took to comparing rooms. They're interested in frats, apparently, but from what I heard, my suitmates don't seem too thrilled about attending frat parties; which works for me. But they guys were still nice and we all went down for dinner together! There was also a guy down the hall, Marty, who was pretty much the only guy in his whole suite most of the day. So sad... so we hung out with him until just a little while ago. He seems pretty chill and he has tons of video games in his suite. I am tempted to go all-out game nerd over there, seriously.

UHM WHAT ELSE HM. I am going to be so busy this next week. Dawg Daze is starting tomorrow (a week of non-stop events everyday for students as a kick-off for the new year) and then I work on Saturday and have to go pick up my next books which are being delivered to home. Then class starts on Wednesday and I have Grandma's Christmas the following Saturday (my grandparents leave for the winter, so we have Christmas early). Ahhh I'm going to be busy but I really love it so far. @w@

SO. UHM. That's it. : D
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I had an interview today!

I got a job today!

I'm working at JCPenny now!

I have something to fill my free-time with!

And get paid!

And employee discount!

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OKAY so I stole this from someone and it's taken me forever to fill out but it was AWESOME.

No one but Emu probably knows the character but LET'S DO THIS.


Everything you've ever wanted to know about Jack Johnson and more! )


THE END. I may do this for more characters if I get bored. It's fun. :3c
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Oh look. Another meme. Anyone getting sick of these yet? B)

I'd update on life but life has been pretty routine soooo no updates for you!


I am going to say right now that everyone should go watch the series Michiko to Hatchin because it is the most epic anime series ever.

The end. 8D
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I'm off to Sakura-con!

I'll be cosplaying Minagi Tohno from AIR on Friday, and a Jigglypuff-Ginjinka-Loli (aka Mikapii) on Saturday and Sunday. I'm also going on Lolita on Thursday to pick up my badge~ If you're going, keep an eye out for me!

If not, feel free to stalk me on Twitter, which I'll update as I get bored. :3c


See you dudes later!
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 I FEEL LIKE A LIFE UPDATE. Stay tuned for more details.

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 YAY or not really. Quiz under cut.


IN OTHER NEWS. Uhm. Nothing. I lead an exciting life~
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So I have a new Lady Gaga obsession. :3 I MADE MY ICON MYSELF isn't it prettyyyy~? I bought her CDs with my Christmas money. It's basically been NONSTOP GAGA for the past day and a half. xD

I went to Emu's house and IT WAS AMAZING and we made dick jokes and had fun. : D~ Yay!  I also passed all my clases and got a 4.0 BITCHES in one of my classes. HELL YES 100%~ Next quarter I have Japanese, Art of Japan, and Writing Poetry. I'M EXCITED~! And for Christmas I didn't get my best gifts until after the holiday was over, when I got the CD and a new tablet~! 

Oh, and I got accepted at SBG but I'm too much of a derp to jump into the AIM chat and make friends fffff I went in at like... 4 am. No one was there. : D; BUT HEY IT'S A STEP FORWARD.Also, I read a bunch of the backlogs and fell in love with Olimar/Falcon but then read the log when they broke up and was like ;A; so now I gotta go draw some WEIRDEST FANART EVER  that will not make sense to anyone. xD

ANYWAY the end. Have a quiz!

Quiz Under the Cut! )


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