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In other news, I have no other news. School is lame and boring and I want it to end. The prospect of having to work at JCPenney again this summer has got me so stressed, I'm having nightmares about it. I'm finally feeling better today after being sick since the last day of Sakuracon.

I have very little motivation to do anything lately so I've just kind of been floating. I think I wasted a year's worth of motivation on finishing my Ion cosplay, ngl. The lack of motivation is also why I haven't really posted anything here in awhile.

I'M NOT DITCHING LJ FOR PLURK, I SWEAR. Plurk is just quicker when I feel those little bursts of motivation to do memes and stuff. LJ takes more motivation, which I don't have as much of right now, which is why this whole journal probably sounds very blaaaaaaah compared to how I usually am.

BUT YEAH PLURK. I like it. Got to know a bunch of people in Luceti I might have never talked to outside of tag subject lines otherwise, which is pretty awesome. Also makes a great time waster when I have no motivation to do things like... you know, right now. |D

FEEL FREE TO CREEPER STALK. I won't lock it unless stuff goes down or something, so you don't have to get an account to follow me. Although it'd kinda boring just standing on the sidelines reading conversations... xD;
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OKAY MINI SAKURACON REPORT because I'm too tired to do a big write-up thing and I know I never will otherwise:

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I feel like the biggest slug ever.

The day before my last final, my mom came down with the flu. The day I came home from my last final, my dad and brother caught the flu. The first day of spring break, despite quarantining myself to my room and drinking all the airborne and vitamin C and orange juice I could get, I caught the flu. That was Saturday. Today is Tuesday and I have pretty much not left my bed except to get food and the like.

I feel better now and will probably try coming back to life tomorrow. I'm still paranoid leaving my room, though, since compared to my dad, I got a really mild case. He hasn't stopped coughing since he caught it (a lot of which is probably attributed to the fact that he's a chronic smoker) but even so, I'd rather not end up with the flu: the sequel. :| My mom got a flu shot this year and still managed to catch it, so apparently this is some mutated version or something. Or... off season, I guess?

My flu is like, so last season you guys, like, omigod. /sassy hand flip

Not that it wasn't still awful. There was an hour span when it was horrible and I felt like I was dying and was like "MOMMYYYY" but then I actually took some medicine and felt better. Ibuprofen is my new god. Plus, the whole not being able to leave my bed for the first few days of spring break... yeah, this is pretty lame.

Obviously the first thing I should do when I'm better is run around outside, get caught in the rain I know we're gonna get, and then come down with a cold or something. B) OHYEAH.

Also I should draw or something. It's uncomfortable drawing while laying in bed, so I haven't drawn in days. D: Ughhh...


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May. 28th, 2010 09:08 pm
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I do nothing but memes here...

Also, I'm sick. Someone come make me soup. 3:

I've always wanted to tell YOU!


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