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Hey guys! I am talking to you from DreamWidth. Isn't that awesome?

I am so in love with this website, I don't even. I'm not abandoning my personal LJ, so if you don't have one, I'll still see you all and stuff! All my entries will be cross-posted and I'll comment to replies in either place. I'll still check LJ for locked entries periodically too, soooo... yeah!

It's not like I used my personal journal very much to begin with, so. :'D Not really a big change, except anyone who is moving entirely to DW can follow me there! My journal is [personal profile] randomsnarfle, which now matches most of my other internet account (tumblr, plurk, twitter, etc) and that makes me happy. DELICIOUS CONSISTENCY...!

But seriously, this website just gives me the warm fuzzies. I've had a pretty shitty Christmas so far this year, so even little things like "Where has the website been all my life?" are really cheering me up. ;u;

ON AN UNRELATED NOTE because my mood has gotten better and I want to talk of happy things, I have decided my new goal in life is to collect every Tales of Series manga ever. I found the entire Tales of Destiny 2 series for 250 yen at Book-off, and two of the Vesperia manga. I'm not a huge gamer, so I don't see myself every really playing some of these, but I would like to be able to say I know the plot a little. |D PLUS good Japanese practice! In addition to those, I also have the first Graces F manga, the first three Symphonia manga, and the last 4 Abyss manga (which I bought all-brand new since they were re-released for the TOA 3DS remake).

I should go to Book-off more often... it's a much cheaper way to cheer myself up with retail therapy. :'D The more expensive way being stumbling upon your favorite Lolita brand at the exact moment they happen to be releasing their lucky pack... a-aha... I can't help myself okay. |D;; BUT I heard Meta's packs usually include full-shirred skirts, in addition to a blouse/cutsew/caridigan and an accessory. ~$150 for ~$350 worth of brand clothes? Yesssssssss. *A* 

...at least I'll get my financial aid money soon? :'D lol it's actually not as big an issue as I'm making it out to be. Most of my purchases has been big, but far and few between. I've only actually gone clothes shopping (and bought something) once while I've been here, which... is pretty damn good for me. This on top of the scholarship that Osaka University gave me for being in the JShIP program (80000 yen a month until the program ends, which basically covers all my housing costs) means I really don't have too many money problems anymore. |D Which is nice, given how much hell UW and BoA put me through in the beginning. ಠ__ಠ

Anywaaay, I think that's all I got for now. I should write entries more often, lol... |D 
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In other news, I have no other news. School is lame and boring and I want it to end. The prospect of having to work at JCPenney again this summer has got me so stressed, I'm having nightmares about it. I'm finally feeling better today after being sick since the last day of Sakuracon.

I have very little motivation to do anything lately so I've just kind of been floating. I think I wasted a year's worth of motivation on finishing my Ion cosplay, ngl. The lack of motivation is also why I haven't really posted anything here in awhile.

I'M NOT DITCHING LJ FOR PLURK, I SWEAR. Plurk is just quicker when I feel those little bursts of motivation to do memes and stuff. LJ takes more motivation, which I don't have as much of right now, which is why this whole journal probably sounds very blaaaaaaah compared to how I usually am.

BUT YEAH PLURK. I like it. Got to know a bunch of people in Luceti I might have never talked to outside of tag subject lines otherwise, which is pretty awesome. Also makes a great time waster when I have no motivation to do things like... you know, right now. |D

FEEL FREE TO CREEPER STALK. I won't lock it unless stuff goes down or something, so you don't have to get an account to follow me. Although it'd kinda boring just standing on the sidelines reading conversations... xD;
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OKAY MINI SAKURACON REPORT because I'm too tired to do a big write-up thing and I know I never will otherwise:

CON STUFF and then some health stuff )
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Okay, so I spent a good 10 hours or so making this presentation and I gave it today and it went okay. It didn't really fill the time slot but people seemed to enjoy it and it was quirky enough. And I am so ridiculously proud of it that I kind of wanna share, so I'm gonna. :|b

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So I didn't plan on making a new entry so soon, but guess what? BIG NEWS:


RIP: JCPenney Employee Discount.

I'm not as upset as I thought I'd be (except about the employee discount sob), probably because it's been over a month since I've been there seeing as they cut my hours back so much. I was going to look for something closer to home in the summer anyway, and they said they'll take me back for Seasonal work still, so there's always that!

Just kind of wish I didn't have to be the one to call and find out. :| That was sorta really lame, ngl.

SO TO COUNTERACT THE BAD STUFF hey guys I finally did that accent meme that was going around! Yes I actually do type how I talk and occasionally ignore everything about punctuation just so I can go on a long winded rant about nothing in an attempt to make people laugh AREN'T I AWESOME? I'm also talking a little silly on purpose because I talk silly when talking to my friends. AND YOU GUYS ARE MY FRIENDS SO HAVE AT IT.

Your name and/or username.
Where you're from.

The following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Orange, Coffee, Direction, Naturally, Aluminium, and Herbs.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

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UNRELATED TO EVERYTHING BUT isn't this icon prettyyyyy~?

I think I'm doing good in school right now. I think. One of my classes, I won't really know until after the midterm. I'm doing pretty damn well in astronomy, even though I either skip or fall asleep in lectures every time. Japanese is going good too, but I should practice speaking more. I still stumble over my words way too much. I know I already do that enough when trying to speak English and that's my native language. :|;; In my Modern Japan class, I just have to keep up with the readings and I'll be fine. I also take some seriously bad ass notes in that class, ngl.

I finally have work this weekend! I haven't had worked in over a month. It's ridiculous. I'm going to go back and they'll be like "WHO ARE YOU AGAIN...?" At least I wasn't laid off after the holidays... and this means I get paid in two weeks! Although as nice as it is having this job, I already know I'll be looking for an alternative come the summer. I may have my bus pass while attending school, but in the summer I have to pay to ride every time, and they keep raising the cost... it'll be $5 to get to work and back everyday. Hopefully I can find something in Covington so I can just walk...

I still have to do taxes and file the FAFSA... and I still haven't heard back from the IPE office about studying abroad. Is it bad that a small part of me hopes I don't get it just so I don't have to go through the horrors of getting a student visa and applying for extra aid and scrambling to find money for food while I'm over there...? Why so expensive, Japaaaan... D:

But my daily life is boring. Let's move on to why I really posted this! So I heard there was this meme where you chose like 15 characters from different fandoms who were your favorite or something...

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The How's My Driving? Meme
Here's hoping the anonymous person who left me crit me in public on rpanoncomm goes here instead. Less embarrassing, ffffff.

Well, I'm now COMPLETELY done with school for the quarter, but the stress won't really leave until after Saturday. I get to work the Saturday before Christmas, oh lucky meeee sob. If my schedule had been reversed, I wouldn't have had to work over break at all, because my Saturday would have fallen on Christmas, when they're closed. Instead I work tomorrow and New Years Day.

On one hand, I need the money. On the other hand, having to leave 3 hours early because of the bus system... :| If the job wasn't so convenient for school, I'd start looking for something else. And okay, I like the clothes discount a lot because I'm such a fashion whore.

ANYWAY. I've decided for sure to bring the Count to Luceti! I still need to hunt down all my mom's manga for some more canon review. I've also re-watched most of the anime at this point, but that's more just to grab screen-caps of the few times the Count appears (and an excuse to watch the series again because it's awesome). I wish they had made a second season or something so they could've included him more!

I feel like such a creep writing his app though, since half of the Count's personality amounts to "sexual harassment of Tsuzuki". :|;; THIS IS THE KIND OF CHARACTER I'MMA PLAY NOW YOU GUYS. Him and Ion and a Lineface. Something is not matching up. I love it. B) Also, prepare for much trolling for Fourth Wall on Saturday night and some on Sunday! I'll probably be made to clean the house up on Sunday, so I won't get to troll as much as I'd like. Sobbu. 

Not much else to say. I should go do something!
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And then I blinded everyone.

A day ahead of schedule, too! It only took like 8 hours, but such is life. :|b That's one less thing to stress over, though! Time to go make a Cheyenne post derp derp derp...

Now I just have my Japanese Oral Interview on Friday, Japanese Final on Saturday, bringing crap home for Winter Break on Sunday, packing everything I own on Monday, revising an English essay on Tuesday, Japanese History Final on Wednesday, and moving out of my dorm on Thursday.

...WOW. Surprisingly, the finals aren't stressing me out so much. I practically got a 4.0 on the last Japanese History final, and the Japanese language one is multiple choice. The essay revision is still up in the air, because I got too high of a grade on the first essay to find things to revise, SO I need to wait for second essay to come back (what kind of problem is this even, what the hell). Bringing crap home is going to be the biggest pain ever because I don't really have a suitcase up here, so... tempted to just wait on that until Dad comes up to help me move.

OH AND MOVING. That will be a joy. I'm hoping most of the roommates will be gone because it's towards the end of finals week. Oh, and that it isn't raining, but this is Seattle. That's like hoping Antarctica isn't too cold. On the plus side, if I don't want to unpack right away, but still want to unpack before school starts again, the dorm I'm moving to is the only one that doesn't close for Winter Break. B) SWEET.


10 Days - THE END OF A MEME )
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HEY GUYS remember that emo journal yesterday?

FORGET IT. I AM NOW A HAPPY becaaause I turned in all the stuff I needed for studying abroad next year~!


Which also means about 50% of my stress is GONE. I still have to wait until January to hear about being accepted. Honestly, accepted or not, I'm happy to know I made the effort. I figure I'll be living in Japan at some point anyway, whether I get a permanent job as a translator there or just work a few years as an ALT and/or with the JET program. But if I am accepted, that would be awesome because FUCK YEAH FOREIGN COUNTRY.

Plus, the program costs aren't much more than the costs of attending UW right now. Since it's a direct exchange, tuition at the home university covers tuition there. And since I'm covered by financial aid, not much to worry about! (Unless my aid changes next year sob.) My main issue will probably be getting approved for a student visa and all that lovely stuff, BUT those are hurdles I'll meet as I get to them! And then a new journal tag was born. Right now, it's apply-for-a-billion-scholarships time!

Oh wait, I lied, right now it's MEME TIME. Also I wish I could list more than 5 people because I such a dork when it comes to gushing over how much I love everybodyyyy. IF YOU ARE ON MY F-LIST YOU ARE ON THIS LIST IN SPIRIT. Even if we just met! Because everyone is awesome. <3

10 Days Meme: Day 6 )

AND THEN because I love memes and this is like MEME WEEK:

Name a fandom and I'll fill this out for it! Uhm... I put some fandoms in my profile interests, if you don't know any of mine. :|b

▌ favorite character
▌ least favorite character
▌ prettiest character
▌ character I wanna marry
▌ favorite pairing
▌ favorite episode/scene
▌ unpopular opinion
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I AM INCAPABLE OF MEMEING ON TIME. So I'm just going to combine two days for this one. THEN I'LL BE CAUGHT UP. OR SOMETHING. Plus, less friend list spam. : D Everybody wins!


OH GOD IT IS 4 AM. ALMOST 5 AM. I need to stop doing this stay-up-until-the-sun-rises thing. I have an essay to finish tomorrow and all kinds of other fun stuff to do. I probably should have made a hiatus post before Thanksgiving because I have been so... not there when it comes to tags these past few days. Kind of a moot point now, but hey, I'll be back up to speed by Monday!

Maybe Tuesday.

Actually, make that Wednesday.

...er, Thursday might be better, really...

.../brb hiatus post.
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Whatever your politics may be, seeing the current president in person is still pretty cool. He came to my school (University of Washington) for a rally in support of Senator Patty Murray's bid for re-election. The venue only had room for 15,000 people, out of the 18,000 who RSVP'd the event, and the many more who probably showed up on the spot.

I had to go to at least one class that day, so even though the door opened at 9 am, I didn't get down there until around 10:30. I met up with Amy and the line was so long, it looped around two buildings and a bunch of tennis courts. Thankfully the line was moving very quickly! Unfortunately, that was because the actual arena was full, and we were stuffed into the overflow area in Husky Stadium where we could watch the whole thing on the jumbotron. Lamesauce.


We were about to watch the speech by Christine Gregoire when all of a sudden the sound cut off and then...!



I couldn't have been more than 7-10 rows away from him. Much better than I would have gotten had we gone into the main arena. And we got to see him before any in the area did. <3


2 videos and 5 pictures under the cut! )

All in all this was super awesome and totally worth skipping class to go see. <3 And I am going to close on one final note:

IF YOU ARE 18 YEARS OLD AND LEGALLY ABLE TO DO SO IN THIS COUNTRY, PLEASE GO VOTE IN THE ELECTIONS! It's never too late to register! Get out there and make your voice heard! Because every voter makes a difference!~ <3
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The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme

School is going well. I'll be reading for the rest of my life, though. So much stuff to read...!! At least it's all interesting! 8D

That's all I got. B)
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Right now, my internet is slower than molasses so I can't load IM clients at all. I AM HERE BUT I AM NOT HERE sob. I have to mooch off wireless because my ethernet cable is too short to reach the computer jack from where my desk is. Sad day.

BUT FIRST so how's college going? Pretty awesomely, if I might say so. We packed everything the day before and covered it with this long-ass piece of plastic (I'm talking, long enough to cover the bed of semi-truck) and then covered that with a tarp in my dad's truck. We left at 6:45 the next day and after dropping off my mom's car at her work, we all headed up to the U. Unloading went by pretty smoothly; I was the first one in my room and the first one of my suitmates to get there. After getting eveyrthing off-loaded, mom and dad took me out to breakfast before dropping me off to stay~

My room is nice. Huge closet space, beautiful view of Lake Washington (if you lean a little), storage under the bed, a huuuge desk that connects with my roommates at a right angle around a corner (giving us the space of 3 desks) and three shelves build into the wall. I'm pretty sure we have the biggest room in the suite. Plus, our living area is bigger than the ones of our neighbors (we visited them and totally checked) and our balcony is much bigger than I expected! Also, one of my suitmates' dad bought them a "mini" fridge that was way too big; twice the size of mine! So, rather than stuff it in their room, they're leavng it out as a fridge for everyone to use; along with their microwave! Pretty nice, especially since my microwave's cord is too short to reach my power cord, sob.

Also, my suitmates! I am in love already. Mary, my roommate, is super nice (also a bit ditsy, but so far I have decided to find it endearing and funny) and Kaitlin and Jennifer (the ones next to us) are tons of fun. We spent the whole day together hanging out and chatting! Two other girls moved in this morning, but left right after and never came back. They were kind of stand-offish... I'm thinking they might have just been shy? The last two girls are coming up from California and are supposed to move in tomorrow. I hope we all get along just as well as we have been!

Also, all my neighbors so far are awesome. Also, so far it seems like we're the only girls who've moved in. The guys across the hall were pretty funny; we went and hung out with them for awhile, then took to comparing rooms. They're interested in frats, apparently, but from what I heard, my suitmates don't seem too thrilled about attending frat parties; which works for me. But they guys were still nice and we all went down for dinner together! There was also a guy down the hall, Marty, who was pretty much the only guy in his whole suite most of the day. So sad... so we hung out with him until just a little while ago. He seems pretty chill and he has tons of video games in his suite. I am tempted to go all-out game nerd over there, seriously.

UHM WHAT ELSE HM. I am going to be so busy this next week. Dawg Daze is starting tomorrow (a week of non-stop events everyday for students as a kick-off for the new year) and then I work on Saturday and have to go pick up my next books which are being delivered to home. Then class starts on Wednesday and I have Grandma's Christmas the following Saturday (my grandparents leave for the winter, so we have Christmas early). Ahhh I'm going to be busy but I really love it so far. @w@

SO. UHM. That's it. : D
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So, since I started working, that's been my life. Working. I complained to my mom about it and she was all WELCOME TO THE WORKING WORLD~ Yeah, things are a little different for her. She drives to work and sits at a desk all day. I commute by bus and stand all day.

All. Day. As in, I'm not allowed to sit unless I'm on break. Not even for a second.

I'm not complaining that I have the job, but just because I have one while other people are looking for work doesn't mean I have to like it and can't complain. Cry me a river, my dad's been unemployed since 2008 and his unemployment checks run out soon. Trust me, I know what it's like for people who can't find jobs in this economy. |:

BUT ANYWAY it's not even the work that bugs me. It's the goddamn commute. It takes me 2 hours to get to South Center by bus. 2 hours to get there, 8 hours of work, 2 hours to get home (which involves waiting around the creepy Kent Station bus terminal until the Covington bus comes, since it only runs hourly)... that leaves me 12 hours of the day to myself. Then it takes me an hour to get ready in the morning and an hour to wind down for bed... that's 10 hours. I need 8 hours of sleep to function.

Do you see where I'm getting at here? 2 hours of free time on days when I work. So far, I've just been taking away from the sleeping part of my day. Doesn't help that I've had insomnia lately too; I'm exhausted and ready to sleep until I lay down. Then I'm alert and wide awake. 

I feel bad. I just started trying to RP again and there goes my free-time. I know I'll be okay at SBG because I still get at least two days off a week and no one should mind if I have to back-tag into forever (right...?) but waiting a week for a tag isn't really something I can get away with at the Elegante. I keep trying to work up the courage to make a drop post...

Aside from the paychecks, the one good thing about working is it makes the summer go by faster. I've started to really dislike summer these past few years and this year's summer has really cemented it; I can't stand not being in college. I miss my home. UW is my home. 3: I have more freedom, more free-time, and there's always food. I actually feel motivated while I'm there. My family's house is like a motivational black hole; good for relaxing, but good luck trying to get anything else done.

As of right now, I am in agony from a headache and a sore body from working, so I'm gonna end this here... yeah.


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