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 ARIETTA THE WILD. Tales of the Abyss. Sad little girl who loves monsters. hisguardian.

 MEPHISTO PHELES. Blue Exorcist. Eccentric demon headmaster and weeaboo. meinwaifu.

Blue Exorcist.

 YUKIO OKUMURA. Manga Canon. Angsty teen exorcist with communication issues. daemonophobia.

 KONEKOMARU MIWA. Manga Canon. Side character lyfe who loves cats. catmasutra.

 SHIEMI MORIYAMA. Manga Canon. Just wants to be your friend. phytophilous.

Original Characters.

 KARI NIJIHI. Hoshikyo. World-traveling magical girl with an attitude. magicalesbian.

 TERUKO AISHI. Hoshikyo. Split personality magical girl. butterflydefect.

CHEYENNE. Blaze. Creepy little girl who eats souls. illusional.

KARI NIJIHI. Hoshikyo. Before the magic. normalesbian.

MIKAPII. Jigglypuff Gijinka. A cross-dresser who propagates outside his egg group. puddingtrap.

LUNIA ATALANTA. Blaze. Flame elemental with a temper. thermophile.

Tales of the Abyss.

 FON MASTER ION. Tales of the Abyss. Post-death. Formerly Luceti. distressedude.

ION. Abyss Squared AU. Replica of the 7th Ion. replicasquared.

ION. Abyss Squared AU. Failed Replica of the 7th Ion. betrayalsquared.

FON MASTER ION. Happy Ending AU. Survived absorbing the Miasma. positiveions.

NOCT THE SHADOW. God-general AU. Joins Van as the 7th God-general. depressedude.

FON MASTER ION. Aged-up AU. Ion in his mid-twenties. progressedude.

FON MASTER ION. Former Luceti account. soreplaceable.

SYNC THE TEMPEST. Canon. Totally banging Ion. replicatedfail.

FON MASTER ION. Canon. Totally banging Sync. replicatedhope.

FON MAGI ION. Madoka AU. Being replica is suffering. replicamagica.

FON MASTER ION. Canon. Totally banging everybody. scored.

GRAND MAESTRO MOHS. Disney Villain AU. Don't take him seriously. creepermohs.

Other Characters.

CRONA. Soul Eater. Username is very accurate. emokid.

KANAME TANUMA. Natsume Yuujinchou. Mysterious boy who senses spirits. kindaqueer.

SOPHIE. Tales of Graces. Amnesiac who loves flowers. sophiest.

YONA. Yona of the Dawn. Fierce princess and dragon tamer. royaldawn.

PEARL. Steven Universe. Bird Mom. getsresults.

SHUICHI SHINDOU. Gravitation. After leaving Yuki to debut in the US. queerockstar.

GARRY. Ib. With a heart much bigger than his fashion sense. talkslikealady.

TINGLE. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Weird fairy man thing. kururinpa.

Troll Accounts.

MANXION. Kingdom Hearts. The manliest. manxion.

TROLOLO GUY. Trolololo lol lololol lololol... trolololo lol lol. trollolo.

SASSY GAY FON MASTER ION. Tales of the Abyss. He's a stupid bitch. sassygayfonmaster.

HOLO-PEARL. Steven Universe. Do you wish to engage in combat? trainingmode.

Nyan Master Nyancat. Ion as a kitten. soadoptable.

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