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: Ion
series: Tales of the Abyss
tagging priority: ■■□□□: I manage to tag like 5 things every few days and the number of tags in my inbox never goes down and I'm starting to do that thing where tags get so old you feel bad tagging back with something short/simple and then they end up just getting older.
muse strength: ■■■■■: Still definitely strong, no problems there.
cast strength: ■■■□□: Maybe it's just me but it doesn't feel like there's much excitement in the cast these days? I can't tell if it's just because I'm so out of touch with the game or not.
plotting capabilities: ■■□□□: Just finished a big plot, and while I have some idea for what direction to take him in, I don't really have the drive for it.
general fun level: ■■□□□: I enjoy his threads when I feel inspired to do them, but that happens really rarely these days.
likelihood of drop: ■□□□□: S-Sob...

I think it's safe to say I'm pretty burnt out on Luceti right now. If I were to be honest with myself, it's not even because I took on too much stuff at once, but because I just haven't been talking to people as much as I used to. I'm busy most of the day between school and homework and wanting to play video games instead. And for me, rp has always been a very social hobby. It's one of the reasons I don't like memes. I only really enjoy rp when I can gush about characters and plots and things with people. Trying to force myself to just rp and nothing else makes me get really disinterested really quickly.

I don't think this would normally be as big a deal if not for the fact that I just finished a big plot with Ion and then he lost pretty much his closest canon cr not too long after. Since I didn't want Ion spiraling back into nothing but sad threads again, I pretty much had him react to it mostly off-screen (mostly since I honestly have no idea how to make him react in this instance -- there were a lot of loose ends that never really felt resolved).

At this point I'm really tempted to just drop everything and start fresh, but there are some things I really don't want to let go, even if I'm being super slow on them. I am seriously considering just sending him off on a mission or something as a way to quietly deal with Anise going home and then just having him stay gone until my classes are over, but August is a long way away, and I'm afraid staying gone that long would make coming back even more difficult.

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character: Hoshikyo / Kari Nijihi
series: Original
tagging priority: ■□□□□: I actually did drop everything Kari has going so she actually has nothing at all to tag, h-hah...
muse strength: ■■■■□: Still strong, surprisingly.
plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: I know she has more plotting abilities than I give her credit for. It's just a matter of finding the drive for them.
general fun level: ■□□□□: If Ion's fun level is low, you can imagine Kari's is even lower.
likelihood of drop: ■■□□□: I feel like it's been a constant two for awhile.

I'm really trying to hold off on dropping Kari until I have a better idea of where my drive for rp is. I know if I drop her and play nothing but Ion, I'll get even more burnt out on him, and I really do love the cr she has so far. Plus, having a character in Luceti who can actually fight is always way more fun. If my drive is still dead by next weekend, I'm definitely putting her on a mission for awhile. Or maybe try something different and do a kidnapping, but coordinate it so she can be kidnapped with someone else and have a thread while all de-powered and in a cell...? idk it's something I've always wanted to do and I think would be easiest to do with her.

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: Ion
series: Tales of the Abyss
tagging priority: ■□□□□: I'm not used to comm-based games so I'm kind of just waddling along trying to figure stuff out before I even attempt jumping in...
muse strength: ■■■■■: Obviously not an issue, though I'll have to watch myself a bit since canon!Ion is pretty different from Luceti!Ion who I've been playing for a few years.
cast strength: ■■■■□: I need to stop being a dumb and actually go and contact them all and be like HELLO and then maybe apologize for not talking to them before apping, because shotas sob...
plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: I am mostly in this game for terrible things. And I have many terrible ideas. Surprisingly, they are not all mean.
general fun level: ■■■□□: I haven't really done anything here yet but I have hopes that it will be fun!
likelihood of drop: □□□□□: Just joined lolol

SO UH YEAH I PLAY HERE NOW, THIS IS A THING. Admittedly apping here was one part impulse and two parts I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO THO since I have seriously wanted to be in this game since before it opened. It was just a matter of whether there were castmates or whether they were castmates who wouldn't mind underage characters in the cast. And when I saw an Anise and a Sync who I both knew apping in I pretty much had a FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS moment and apped. Knowing that the game is on the slow side (3 rl days = 1 game day) was also a pretty big pull too, given I've been so slow lately and Luceti hasn't been holding my interest very much. And with a slower game, even if Luceti does pick up again, I should still be able to keep up! Also, sex game. That was kind of a big pull too.

SO YEAH THAT'S ALL I GOT. tl;dr I need a break from Luceti but not a break from rp, and I definitely don't want to drop. I'm still kind of hoping I'll have some amazing turn around and be able to come back to Luceti FULL FORCE but at this point, that probably won't be until this class is over in August. Then I'll have about a month before regular classes start, which should be much easier on me given they won't be intensive courses and it'll all be on material I already know (ie. more Japanese classes versus learning a third language).
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