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: Ion
series: Tales of the Abyss
tagging priority: ■■■■■: His tags always get done first, keeping in mind that I've been all-around slow during LJ's fail. Trying to pick up on this, but my problem with tagging is switching between threads is kind of hard for me. So I usually end up focusing on one or two at a time. |D
muse strength: ■■■■□: His tags have been coming a lot easier than usual! This pleases me.
cast strength: ■■■■■: BEST CAST EVER OH MY GOD I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH I love you all so much.
plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: Most of my favorite plots with him are the kinds that lead to strong emotional developments. Or, you know, tormenting him. But I really like focusing on that first one more. :'D Oh, and combining the two? Best. Gimme all the plots, guys.
general fun level: ■■■■□: I still have some trouble with small-talk threads and I know I'm really bad about dropping threads when I lose interest in them. |D But overall, he's still tons of fun!
likelihood of drop: □□□□□: "Baby, you're my forever girl."


character: Kari Nijihi / Hoshikyo
series: Original
tagging priority: ■■■□□: Pretty low. I haven't been tagging around very much and aside from her intro, I've dropped a lot of threads kind of early on. |D
muse strength: ■■■□□: A-Aha... honestly, my biggest issue with Hoshikyo is that sometimes the things I think she would say sound too much like something I would say, and for an OC, that bothers me. It's not that it isn't still her voice, it's just a little neurotic thing I have with OCs... but aside from that, her tags are easy.
cast strength: □□□□□: None, and for her it's actually kind of hard to deal with since I'm used to playing her around my other OCs. Which is kind of impossible to do in LJ style RP. |D I had this issue with Cheyenne early on too, but it's a lot worse for her.
plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: Eh... admittedly I had too-high hopes for her weird 4th walling when I apped her and didn't really expect so many people to say they wanted to keep their character's worlds the same. |D Bringing up 4th wall stuff isn't as fun for me when it's just her telling them the future of just knowing things, since having her assume things to be radically wrong is, in general, funnier.
general fun level: ■■□□□: This is my issue. Hoshikyo is generally very fun to tag with, but tagging with Kari is a chore. And while it would be IC for Kari to have few to no friends, I feel like I'm not doing her character justice by not having her be more active. Hoshikyo should be all up in people's business, and while I do like playing characters like this, I really can't handle them in a game like Luceti.
likelihood of drop: ■■■■□: Probably going to sleep on this and see how I feel in the morning. Right now, I'm leaning towards letting her go. ): I think it'd be better to drop her now than sometime down the road when she's started forming stronger relationships with other characters.

If I ever did bring her back, it'd be with a canon update into the end of her second arc, and only after I've detailed a list of all the world's she's been to... which is honestly another reason I may drop her. I don't know off the top of my head the things she's seen and the worlds she's been to. It makes me too uncomfortable to whip things up on the spot all the time, and for her character? This is something she should be talking about a lot.

Simply put, I think I apped her too quickly. I don't regret it, since it did help me formalize a third of her story, but I do feel bad that (much like the Count) she hasn't lasted very long. Plus, in a further canon point, she wouldn't be as obssessed with keeping her identities separate. I also think LJ's fail had a lot to do with it (since it has really killed my drive to play overall and the first month of activity is really important for a new character for me) which just kind of bums me out. ):


character: Cheyenne
series: Original
tagging priority: □□□□□: She's not in a game or on any memes really.
muse strength: ■■■■□: Just a little rusty from having not played her in awhile, but she's actually one of the few characters who does have a "voice" I can hear in my head. By which I mean, I can imagine what her voice sounds like. I don't hear voices, that'd be bad... :'D (For anyone curious, she actually has a fairly deep voice and it's very soft. Someday I'll find a VA who fits...)
cast strength: □□□□□: NOPE.
plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: Cheyenne's existing in Luceti is a plot. If I bring her back, her entrance into Luceti would be a plot. I love my messed up little bby. :'D
general fun level: ■■■■□: I get really excited when I think about her coming back to Luceti. ;w; I think I found the spark that I lost when I dropped her before.
likelihood of app: ■■■■□: I know I want to bring her back eventually, and if I bring her in towards the end of this next cycle, then she'll essentially be in play by the time I'm off for classes. If I drop Kari, she's coming in next cycle for sure. And since I already know she works in the game, she shouldn't run into the same issues.

SHOUNEN GLORY!1!1 Or shoujo sparkles... 

character: Crona
series: Soul Eater
tagging priority: ■■■■□: In memes, yes. |D I've basically gotten to throwing Crona at whatever Soul Eater players I can find. Though I do have a Maka bias...
muse strength: ■■■■□: Actually, really strong! Crona tags come easier than Ion tags sometimes. The only time I slow down is when trying to avoid specifying a gender pronoun in narration without abusing Crona's name. |D Personally, I would use "him" for an Anime-Crona and "her" for a Manga-Crona, but even then, I'd try to keep it as neutral as possible.
cast strength: □□□□□: Not in a game, but I won't app Crona without a cast. Crona is anti-social even without someone to be dragged around by. Add that in with the whole "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS..." and apping Crona sans castmates would be stressful. Doable, but stressful. |D
plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: Probably more than I can think of, but Crona would definitely be an easy going muse who I'd play primarily for CR building. Kind of different from my usual plot-orientated muses, but it works for Crona. |D
general fun level: ■■■■■: SO MUCH FUN ACTUALLY. Crona you are such a giant derp oh my gosh. I haven't tried throwing Ragnarok into threads yet, but if I apped Crona, I'd have to include him in there too (since they can't exactly be separated and it's not like he'd ever do much but troll).
likelihood of app: ■■■□□: This will only happen if other Soul Eater players appear. I don't even want to imagine how difficult Crona would be without anyone from home... Plus, I'd still like to finish the anime (even though I'd play Crona from the manga) before going through with an app.


Overall: Someone is leaving and someone is coming in. Whether that will be one someone or two someones depends on what other apps appear this cycle, though I'm not holding my breath. :'D My activity has been kind of shitty lately, but I predict it'll pick up more after the game loves to DW (which, based on the polls so far, looks pretty certain at this point). And Ion is a lot more secure in the game than he was before, which I like. 
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